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Julie received a message from God to write this book to support and remind you who you are precious and perfect. Julie’s birth changed the trajectory of her family’s life, they were poor. She also experienced religious trauma. These experiences impacted her life with shame and guilt for existing. Her mother was Catholic and named her after Saint Julie Billiart, a French nun that started a school for girls. Julie loved her prayer altar with Mother Mary. She grew up seeing and feeling energy and felt most at home in nature. She left the Catholic Church at 13 and began her search for truth. She learned about many different faiths, and studied with many of the best spiritual teachers in the United States. She received her shamanic initiation in 1995 and her Scent Priestess initiation in 2018 in Glastonbury, England. Julie is a “Love Yourself, Heal Your life” Workshop Teacher, authorized by Louise Hay and Sistership Circle Facilitator. She has traveled to 43 countries which has given her a deep appreciation of the U.S.A. She earned a Master of Science degree in Botany from Claremont Graduate School which led her to habitat restoration and working on the largest habitat conservation plan in the United States. She also earned a Master of Art in teaching and another in special education. As a registered aromatherapist, Julie has been creating sacred oil blends for over 25 years using her training and empathic gifts to assist thousands of clients, family, friends, and animals.

Julie supports her clients on their path to mental and emotional freedom using many methods including intuitive reading, tapping and a revolutionary approach that helps clear challenging emotions, painful memories and limiting beliefs quickly and effectively by leveraging the power of the superconscious. The stuck negative emotion is transformed, allowing clients to see the past with a clear mind and heart. Individual sessions and a group community are available now with retreats being planned for the future.

Scents From God

Wisdom To Transform Your Life

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