In her book, “Scents From God,” Julie breaks down the Wisdom of the Universe into easy-to-understand lessons and thought-provoking reflections. Combined with “Scents From God” blends and affirmations, each lesson becomes a balm to both body and soul.

Trish Fliss- Founder & Coach, My Messy Recovery

Julie helped me tune in to my wisdom council and have faith that everything I need and want are coming my way. The “Scents From God” blend she created for me, smells like ancient magic. Just right for me!

Rebecca T.

Julie’s hand tailored “Scents From God” blends for me evoked a holy remembrance of my truth and power. I was instantly transported into an ancient world that wove a brilliant tapestry of my soul’s essence in this lifetime. Lainie D., LainieLoveDalby.com

Scents From God

Wisdom To Transform Your Life

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